Martes, Agosto 21, 2012

What I Really think of Noynoying

       And the Presidency goes to... none other than Noynoy Aquino. It's been more than two years now since he won the slot for president and still hasn't won my heart. To tell you frankly, I never really liked him at all. From all the the presidentiables back then he was my least favorite to think I never fancied Erap, being ineffective and corrupt during his short reign as our leader. But still I would've voted for him over Noynoy. Not that I hate him or anything but he just gets into my nerves and he's just weak. That without the pristine memories of his dad and mom, who were great heroes of our time and his super famous sister Kris, I don't think he would even matter. He's so lack luster he would easily fade in any back draft there is. I've always said that he has yet to develop a supremely sturdy backbone. Which he should've inherited from his parents. During his campaign he fed on the popularity of his kin to get ahead. The theme of his campaign ads were always about mom and dad. So all I can say is he played his cards well. Actually the looming death and eventually her demise had catapulted him to the limelight earning him a spot to the presidency. Sad to say but he took advantage of the country's loss for his political gain. While the country grieves, he together with some influential people brought to motion his plans to run.
       I honestly believe that he didn't deserve to win. He once said he had no immediate ambitions to run for the two highest political post in our country which I find full of crap. I honestly thought he was considering the senate. But no he has proven himself to be over ambitious. Like a hungry vulture just waiting for the right opportunity to go for the kill. He was then tapped to run along side Roxas as his VP and when Cory died he swiftly emerged as the lead of the LP show. Not that Roxas had the fighting chance for a clean sweep. Their party thought Roxas was not as competitive as the other Presidentiables and most likely could not deliver them victory. So when the oppotunity presented itself, by the death of the 'mother of democracy', they grabbed it by the neck and proposed to exploit and use it to their advantage. They cooked up a new plot  and had Noynoy run for president. The death of Cory and the heroism of Ninoy as the main ingredient. Our sense of loss was exploited to spark emotions and capture the interest of the public, thus creating a sense of vulnerability where people can relate more, influencing people to side with them and vote for the son of two magnanimous heroes. Bottomline, they used our grief to gain them sympathy votes. All of these coupled with the people's thirst for change and deliverance from our current government had pushed people to vote for him without even considering that he's a far cry from who his parents are. I've come to know him as 'tulo-laway', parang autistic, and vindictive president. The president who didn't do anything to help and intervene in the hostage drama that cost so many lives. Not only that but it tarnished the reputation of our country.  What bothers me most were the rumors that while all of these was happening , he was in his room playing video games, so I've heard. How chivalrous can you get? The person whose only aim is to make people pay for their trespasses. On top of his list is CGMA and her allies. His priorities are so muddied  with vendetta that he has lost sight of the more important problems and concerns our country is facing. Vengeance is not ours, it's God's.             
       The second on his list would have to be his being linked to beautiful women in showbiz and fashion. I have to applaud Shalani for leaving him. She deserved better and she got that. For that I'm really happy for her. Going back to Noynoy, as we all know, he had been dubbed Pnoy (which is short for President Noynoy). I was aghast by it. He doesn't deserve the accolade of the name which is quite similar to what we fondly call ourselves (pinoy). He only deserves what a lot of Pinoys started calling him which is Noynoying. That I certainly can approve. SONAs given by him don't really interest me that much. It's just a well concocted speech full of promises, false hopes, and  a flare of vindictive edge. He proposes that more taxes can make everything okay. How lame is that. My comment to that is no amount of tax collection can ever save us from the grasps of corruption. Corruption is the root of all evil and the added tax would only cause the underprivileged more pains. And his overall look doesn't help him at all. It doesn't say president at all. Looking dignified isn't his forte. His lack of bravado and confidence greatly affects his bearing and carriage so the air of authority is lost. Making him look weak and inadequate. Maybe constantly asking himself , 'what am I doing here?', with a big question mark on his forehead. My prescription: Grow and develop a sturdy backbone to last him the rest of his term. Now basking in the glory he didn't in the slightest deserved, he literally is responsible of our country among others.
       It's actually a dreadful and relentful idea to rely on the a person who doesn't really have any idea what he's doing for the most part and who is highly pliable and dependent on others to make decisions for him. This thing I assure you, he's never going to win a reelection or any other post whatsoever if he chooses to run yet again. People have learned so much by the few years that he's in the seat of power. They know better now than to vote for an inferior boy with a famous kin.
       With all that had been said. I still, along with others, am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, people do change as my friend so frequently implies. All he has to do is prove me wrong and prove himself worthy of the trust bestowed unto him by the people. There is still time to do something of his current situation and show us that he in fact deserves to be where he is now. More power Noynoying...     

Linggo, Hulyo 22, 2012

Social Networkings

      Facebook, Twitter, BBM, PR, Tagged, these are just some of the more famous social networks there are at the moment and there are still more than you can count with your fingers, hands and feet, out there. Before we only had a few of them including Friendster, which we all know had already been reformatted and somehow faced out. Now everybody who's anybody and even the nobody's in our society have if not one, several accounts in different social networks there is. Having one has become a trend, a norm and clearly a part of our lives. So if somebody tells you they don't have one, that person is more likely lying to your face.
      There are all sorts of social networks out there. You name it, it's there. Sites for girls, boys, gays, bisexuals, Filipinas looking for their free ticket to the land of milk and honey, for cyber sex and all sorts of stuff. Sites to suit your needs and specific preferences. Now our society has been run by these social networks. Messaging made easy and correspondence made interesting and fast. Our lives now are simply reliant on the internet and our world revolves around our phones and computers. We are always on the lookout for WiFi hot zones for free access to check on updates and new trending topics.
      What is it about social networks that we just can't get enough of it? People now have the knack for posting everything; from what they ate, to what they just did, to what they're feeling and thinking at the moment and have pictures to go with them. Even their hopes, dreams and frustrations and downsides in life get their fair share in the limelight. The more tragic the experience, the more likes and comments you get. Happy moments do get to be in the limelight as well. Achievements, blessings, new found friendships, unforgettable memories, are just some of those you get to see from time to time on your wall. How true, one would  just have to guess. For some it's their time to shine. To let it be known what they had become and who they are now. Their chance to boast what they have and what they can afford to do. It becomes an avenue for some to somehow show others how successful they are and how far they've gone in life. Which isn't so cool if you  look at it especially if you find yourself at the receiving end of the 'my horse is bigger than your horse', tug of war. I do despise people who boast just about anything. Even the sordid stuff they still have the nerve to post just so to garner notice even for the wrong reasons. Take note, it doesn't mean that when people give you likes is that they're really happy for you. Some are just there to mock you and kind of tell  you what a pig head you are. Is there really a need to tell people anything current in your life that you yourself don't even know would interest them?
       For some, it becomes an outlet for pent up emotions and functions as their avenue for self expression. Some take to art, some take it out on writing. Others are too vocal even form their own good. We do have our own ways in coping with life and all the stress it brings. Social networks have many uses to us like stress reliever, as a hobby, for self expression and exploration, faster more in-depth communication, finding old friends and meeting new ones. But let's not forget the main, most crucial reason why people engage in social networks. To find love or for some, the fast food version of love which is a one night stand. People who don't go out so much or just find it so hard to find the perfect person do resort to social networks for help. Dating sites and cyber dens are what you're looking for when you're in it to find love or in it for sex. People like myself who don't go out so much and don't party that hard or are just so busy to go out and do the manual labor of dating find it so hard to meet people that would suit us or would find time to appreciate us or better, love us.
       Social networks have provided us with avenues to meet people without actually going out or interacting with them in person first. Thus, giving us a chance to somehow test the waters and screen possible mates even before going out on a first date. Both parties are given the chance to gauge the other, assess the situation and then weigh for compatibility. Social networks also have given us the power to have choices. The chance to meet people we don't travel the same circles with. Casting us a wider net for the ability to reel in more options for potential partners. And let's face it that it's a lot easier to interact with others on the net. Hell, you can converse with socialites and famous people without being starstruck or down right nervous. You could follow them, chat with them and tweet them relentlessly for as often as you want. The awkwardness that happens when you're face to face with them vanishes and with the constant contact, you develop a sense of rapport and familiarity that would erase future qualms, hesitation, insecurities, and  anxieties when you finally meet.
       For some, it aids them in becoming who they've longed for to be. Because they can now pretend and just be whoever they want to be. Lies, lies, and more lies. People do go at it at great lengths. They fabricate, create alter egos, perfect beings just to ensnare others to fall for them. Even attaching photos apparently not theirs. Insecurities can actually push people to do such things. Which on the long run wouldn't help them at all but just dig deeper the hurt that would come with the realization of the lie. Key is to be yourself  at all times and that pretentions would just end up being your own foes in the late. Always bear in mind that someone somewhere would be interested in what you have to offer. The less lies you conjure, the less the other person would find in his heart to forgive. Secondly, is to never expect a lot. Lowering ones expectations wouldn't hurt, it would be your best weapon for acceptance. For those whose aims are to only look for one night stands, don't believe all the pictures you see or the things that are said. It would be wise to live by this code, 'to see is to believe', because most of them maybe false. Who in their right mind would post a bad picture that reveals their true self. Makes perfect sense, right? Nowadays with the advent of photoshop and air brushing, everything is possible. If you get lucky like some of us do, well good for them. But not all people get their happy endings thru the net. And with the new age coming, one can't be too careful with their dealings on the net. Current news would tell you of the dangers in immersing oneself  with the net. Dangers, brought about by social networks you wouldn't even think would bring you harm. News of murder, robbery, rape, and swindling tops the bill.  Who would ever think that these things might stem from our favorite social dens. Extra care and precaution should be taken especially when meeting people from the net. Not to scare you or anything but with all that is happening now, one can't be too sure. Better yet consider this as a warning or a dose of awareness, that even before you click on anything, be cautious and think of the possibilities of where it might lead. Because a single click can spawn a deadly net around you. Crimes are not the only ones that arise from this. Widespread HIV/AIDS infliction is also one of those news you just can't ignore. People you meet on the net especially sexually active ones can pose a danger to you since they don't really have big flashcards posted on their foreheads saying aids free. So thing is, you wouldn't really know not until it's all too late. People like them whose only purpose is to find  a one time release can cause you a lifetime of pain or even the end of it. So beware what you get yourself into and always think twice before saying yes to anybody no matter how hot or sexy they maybe. And it doesn't hurt if you stay protected if you really just can't help yourself from saying yes. But still, abstinence is the best way to go about it.
       Social networks have, yes been a part of our lives in general. Apart from the fact that it has helped us to stay connected and updated with our loved ones, even more than we ought to want. It gives us a chance to explore and learn new things by just simply entering our email addresses and pass codes. Simply by clicking a few keys could open a whole new world  in front of us. It's a cure for the socially oppressed and the introverted. That even them can now find friends who could help or maybe share the some company having been in same situations or having the same say about life and everything around them. A chance to boast and to mock others. To meet our future and savor our pasts. To rekindle moments and start anew. But for everything that we do or post or tweet, there is the need to own up and be responsible for whatever  it is we do social networking for. And it wouldn't hurt if we take every necessary precaution and special care in our dealings with the net. Yes, it can be advantageous to us but it can also bring us harm and confusion if we lose focus. So be yourself. Follow me. Enjoy all the perks that the networks bring. Be safe. Let's live, thrive, add and like.

Linggo, Hunyo 17, 2012

Sum of all Pairs

      Nope, it's not the title of Ben Affleck's movie. It's a whole different genre. I've always wondered why there's always a tryst between two conflicting things or ideas. They always come in pairs. Did you at any moment in your life ever wondered why? I do believe that everything exist in pairs. That if you have something, this something has a total opposite somewhere. One being dependent on the other for validity and integrity. In other words, to maintain their sense of individuality. Yes, it's a bit vague. One in my opinion can't exist without the other but at the same time have an established, exact, and precise territory to set them apart.
      Opposites do attract, as the old saying goes. And that in a sense is true. They do tend to need one another to differentiate and maintain their identity. Totally reliant on each other. Each being a part of the other in a manner of speaking. They coexist giving us choices and evenly testing our judgments and convictions.
      I've been asked one time where the idea of good and bad came from. I really don't know how to answer him. Though it did keep me thinking for a while. Origins of words can be tricky. The idea is a lot easier to grasp. Well then, how did the ideas occur to the people who coined the terms good and bad? Were they coined by the Christians to teach their followers basic Do's and Don'ts? Or was it there even before the time when there was an established religion to follow? A lot of questions that would really drive a person insane. Let's go back to my precedent... everything exist in twos, in pairs. Armed with that in mind, let's go back to my example of good and bad. Would good be known without it's opposite, bad? How can something be considered good when we don't even have the slightest idea what to surmise as bad. It's not like that everything is good until somebody said so. Well, in a way maybe it was like that. But think about it. Good and bad were already in existence. We just don't know yet what to call them and how to distinguish one from the other. Our forefathers may have used so many parameters for trying to come up with a fine line separating the two. They did in such a way that they still correspond to each other. One the exact opposite of the other. Now we do have a fine definition of what's good and bad. Everything not bad is good and the same thing goes the other way around. Good can't exist without bad hot on it's tails. The two though totally different and exactly opposite do compliment each other when it comes to validation and differentiation. We can now compare them for better understanding of what they stand for. Now we can tell what's good because we do have a concrete idea what it is that is considered bad. Though the general idea of good and bad can be both subjective and objective and very highly debatable. So were just gonna focus on the main idea of the terms. They are individual entities, yes, but at the same time one can't exist without the other. Other examples are our ideas of life and death, yin and yang, heaven and hell. Other terms may arise from the two but if you would look closer we always go back to the most basic ones. Take for example, day and night. These two are our basic terms used with regards to presence of light coming from the sun. But now we have dawn, afternoon, twilight based on the intensity of the light during the course of the day. Nowadays, brought about by people being wiser, more intelligent and advanced, they almost have a name for everything. We have become more specific and precise. Nevertheless, however advanced our lives may have become we still have to know the simpler attributes of life. And that's another story.
      Going back to my pairs theme. These two words do intriguingly go hand in hand in making us understand their true meaning and impact in our lives. One is needed to define the other. They create a sense of balance in our lives. Each pair balancing one another. That with the absence of one the whole idea is corrupted thus ruining the balance. Even though being a pair means contradicting ideas. They do support each other to form a whole central idea about facets in our lives. Two entities of confliction forming a general thought. A sum that makes us understand things more clearly. A sum of all that we have and comprises the world of ideas that we know of. Arming us great knowledge for us to be able to coast in life far better.
      A man and a wife forming a family, a whole entity that is a building block forming a bigger group which is the community. A community furthers itself as a nation, nations comprising the world. The sum of a pair gives you a concrete idea, a wholeness that is easier understood. And with all the culmination of these ideas completes a bigger whole. For knowledge leads to understanding. Which is the key to a life well spent. So whether you're ugly or beautiful, fair or dark, tall or short, skinny or fat, always remember that without you, nothing will be complete. You, as well as I, are important in keeping the balance and creating the whole. Each one of us is a part of a bigger whole and without one of us the rest will cease to exist. The next time somebody calls you ugly to your face, just tell them, "You're only beautiful because I happen to be ugly. So shut up and thank your lucky stars. Without ugly people like me I don't think people would even consider you beautiful."
      We should always be mindful that our world, our lives, are lived on an invisible scale which we try to balance. If not, would lead to uncertain failures. We each need one another to keep it on the level and try not to upset or upstage each other. We do need one another to define ourselves as individuals as we walk our lives. We are all a part of a pair that will complete a wholeness that is filled with meaning and clarity.

Huwebes, Hunyo 7, 2012

Unfriend You

      So it's over, we're through. So I'll unfriend you.... This has been my favorite song for a while. I literally listen to it and enjoy Greyson Chance's cute voice whenever I do my weekly routine, which is unfriending people. It's my theme song for the said activity. I had posted once on facebook that everything that happens in your life merits a perfect song like in the movies. Real life is like a movie only more complicated. It may sound mean and incomprehensible but yes I do unfriend people a lot.
      I unfriend friends, ignore friend requests, add friends just to be able to unfriend them after several days and worst of all is that I screen people. Classifying them as friendlies or bitches. I'm not judgmental or maybe I am, it's just so happens that I have trust issues and great intuition. This is who I am today, a far cry from who I was years back.
      Once upon a time... there lived a nice kid with great potential, that kid was the old me. I was reared in an environment that taught me to be nice and appreciative of small stuff. I was the kind who wanted to please everybody and do what I was told. Safe to say I was a kiss ass. As soon as I entered school, I was the nicest, most behaved kid in class. Teachers love me and my classmates adored and respected me. But people have their dark sides, and I'm no exception. High school came and I was faced with a much varied assortment of classmates. All from different walks of life and backgrounds, with that came different attitudes. The disease of trying to fit in swept over me and I did what I was good at, be friendly. I did successfully do that for I was a chameleon and the only one who managed to go around the different groups they fondly call cliques. I learned a lot from going around. Gossips, classmates they hate, crushes and all the sordid stuff. As a nice person, I absorbed all these crap and kept them to myself from fear of being accused a back stabber and a two faced dog. I love secrets. Harboring them is a lot of fun. Just having the knowledge that you have something that would make people fly and do just what you want. To have something you can use against somebody when the right time comes. Holding people hostage just because they had committed the blunder of telling you their dirt. I know it sounds sinister and morbid but secrets are like that if entrusted to the wrong people. Moving on... well I'm not that kind. I'm the kind that even if I'm aware what they can do for me, I still keep them to myself. Even if I have trust issues, I pride myself in saying people can trust me. That's why friends do come and pour their hearts out because they know and I know that everything they tell me will remain confidential for as long as they want them to be. Your secret is safe with me; this is one of my most beloved motto in life together with my old time favorite, 'Time is gold'. I live by it because I do believe that it's not my secret to tell in the first place. The person, the bearer of the secret,  has the sole right to divulge it to the public at the most convenient time for them. Enough of secrets, let's go back to me being bad. By the end of HS while I was preoccupied with my college applications and entrance exams. I began looking deeper into people and found myself creating constructive criticisms in my head. Not that I'm perfect, because nobody is and that is a fact. Everybody came under close scrutiny and began identifying real friends from plastics. This was all handled under great discretion. I have segregated people I know as friends and pretend friends. By the end of the school year I was all too happy and excited to start a new chapter in  my life. I have already picked friends with whom I'll stay in touch with and those I'll bid 'au revoir', goodbye.
      From then on I had this thing of quietly assessing new acquaintances and surprisingly so, I was able to really tell if I'm gonna get along with them or not. Boastful, so self assured, untrustworthy, bossy, snooty bitches don't get the cut. Still, years of being nice and growing up that way, surfaces and I do as much as give them respect and a much deserved courtesy. In short I still treat them cordially apart from the fact that I don't like them at all. Sometimes I think to myself what a big fat pretentious hypocritical prick I am. But everything I do, I do for a reason. That is, I don't want to hurt people in a way that would surface as rejection. Who wants to be rejected? Not me. It's hard to deal with that even if people do say that it's okay, it's really not. It always leaves a scar. So I do everything I can to minimize conflict and make people happy.
      Nowadays, it has gotten worse and weirder. Back when I was nicer, I give it time before I dismiss people as unfriendlies but now the instant I meet you and lay my eyes on you, a mechanism in my head will turn and readily tell me which classification you fall into. Call me brutal but I can't help it. When I meet somebody I instantly go, I like this person or think that there is something off with this person that he/she's trying so hard to mask. First impressions for me are all that matters for somebody to be my friend or not. But the question is, do I get it correct all the time? The answer to that is no. Sometimes even if it pains me to admit, I do get it wrong at times. And all they have to do is prove me wrong and tell me what a sour trout I am. I've been told that I'm snobbish and sometimes a bitch by my friends (not in a bad manner but in a joking kind of way) and I do try to live up to it in a way. I love being perceived as that.
      How I treat unfriendlies is rather different. I try to remain civil and do try my hardest to show them the same courtesy I show my real friends. I'm totally polite and try to somehow show them that I'm a good enough person not to be brusque and prude. My friend's term for it is being choosy. I'm choosy in a lot of ways. Now I've proven time and again how choosy I am. A slight infringement could render you unfriended just like that, a click and then nada. Trust is the main feature in a friendship and when it's gone no way will it ever work. It applies not only to friends but to all sorts of relationships known to man. My being choosy extends to events I attend. I don't go to parties when there is at least one unfavorable person in attendance. Friends who know me well would tell me those in the guest list in advance so I could at least weigh my options in attending. My reason is solely that you go out to enjoy. So how in the world will you be able have fun if there is an unfriendly creature hovering about. Yes, I'm finicky when it comes to the company I keep. I want to be surrounded by real friends not phony ones who talk shit behind your back and grabs every opportunity to put you down. My being picky is not a bad thing if you look at it closely. When people do things differently, it doesn't make it wrong. All you have to do is ask and try to understand what their reasons are behind their actions. In my case lack of trust and my high end intuition is to be accounted for. We can never really understand or explain the workings of the human mind. We are all different one way or the other. So we're left with the task of learning how to deal with all the eccentricities and as much as possible try to understand and respect the way others choose to lead their lives.
      And as my life goes on, I continue to unfriend friends, ignore friend requests, screen acquaintances, avoid unfavorable things, and act cordial to those that I don't give a damn. That's life. So suck it up and try to live with it.

Linggo, Mayo 20, 2012

Yardsticks of Life

      You'll find it in people that they're innately proud. People, myself included, tend to measure up others against ourselves. Comparisons, with our humble selves as the yardsticks of  ridicule and demotion. We couldn't help it to take notice of other people's tastes, may it be on fashion or mannerisms, and compare it with our own. We just love to comment on how people look and the way they present themselves to our curious eyes. Most of the time comparisons ending up with ourselves being the likely superior ones.
     Have you at any rate experienced dating somebody who you know for a fact is not as attractive and so not your type judge you not suitable for them? To be declined a second date which you know you don't want to even consider? To be classified as inferior to them? It sucks but that is life. Well, enough with that or else I'll end up ranting bout it all day and not get to my point. If you're thinking that this person had a firsthand knowledge of the topic, you've guessed right. Yes, I had several dates of the sort. To make me feel better and not depressed by the fact that I've been dumped by a less worthy date, I just think to myself that maybe just maybe they thought I was so out of their league that I may not be interested on a second date. A date that was more likely would've been decided by moi, having determined that I'm far more superior when it comes to looks and personality and don't forget wits. Astonishing as it may seem, they were the ones who haven't showed interest in keeping in touch. So I was left wondering what's up with that, what's up with the world, aside from the fact of impending doom. To counteract feelings of depression and bitterness I resort to my first line of reasoning, which is the 'out of my league' bit. I later realized that it's all a game, a nasty game of discrimination and illusion. That even the most unattractive, uneducated, most uncivilized person have the magnanimous right to be choosy and judgmental. And they do exercise that right to the full extent, believe me. They have and would find a way to make you feel belittled and unworthy. My usual reaction always begins with the famous phrase 'the nerve'. I t only proves my inkling that we are all prying judges in our own selfish courts.
      Have you ever felt cheated when you see people, partners to be precise, walking in malls, at the park or any other public place, holding hands just to see that the other one is not as good looking as the other. The two of them being total opposites of each other. The perfect epitome of yin and yang or in an artist's point of view, a perfect example of a chiaro-oscuro. We tend to look at others with judging eyes, not aware that we too are being placed under a microscope for further scrutiny. We are all living canvasses in the gallery of life. Being given a once over by fraudulent experts. Classified whether we are classical, baroque, or modern art. Criticized unwieldingly at their leisure and for their pleasure. Some people live and exist at the expense of others just for the knack of it, poking fun and jokingly playing at the shortcomings and liabilities of others. Some people make money out of it. It's an industry of it's own. They feed on others' misery and imperfections to be able to make a living. Comedians, reality TV people, and game show hosts do it with unequivocal brilliance.
      I know for a fact that it is bad, but we just can't help ourselves and just continue doing it out of bitterness and for some insane reason for the sheer fun of it. People often do it to make themselves feel and look better than others. For some, it's instant gratification to put others  down just to get ahead and be the superior ones. It's an act of raising oneself by simply stepping on others. To inexcusably defame others so they would feel they are far better than the rest of us. As for some it's their way of coping with having not enough, may it be money, smarts, or success in life. It does the magic for them. Instantly making them feel less inferior by submitting others to be less than themselves. It's sort of a defense mechanism to mask those imperfections by diverting attention from oneself and pointing them elsewhere. Stressing that there are people far worse than us. Lesser beings is another way of putting it. It's all egoistical and selfish but it has become a part of our lives. We criticize others so we can emerge as the front runners in the race that we didn't even know had started and has no apparent end.
      Wherever we go, whatever our stand in life, we are and always will be plagued by this disease. Which isn't only damaging but can really impact what we may become in the future. Bullying, discrimination and the likes are just some forms of this disease. It's really a pest that eats up our society creating differences and chaos resulting in bigger problems magnified to a thousand. Proving to be here to stay for as long as we see others differently. We are our own yardsticks. Sentencing others whether they pass or fail our standards. These standards are those that rule our views regarding a lot of things in our life. Moral, physical, social standing and monetary capabilities are just some of the qualities we readily without thought closely look at at people. We all have to admit that we do judge people with these parameters in mind without compassion. Then the classification starts. We just love to categorize everything including people, especially people. It does remind us of the caste system they use before way back when people were less educated and far less liberated. So why, oh why then is it still in existence? Does that mean we are no better that our ancestors and that we still live in the past. That we haven't learned anything from our past that we still practice it. I'm not innocent to these accusations so as the one reading this article now. We all are inflicted with this disease which is honestly so hard to cure. Like a plague that eats up feelings and emotions. Contributing to the deterioration of  humanity and the destruction of lives and futures. Only contentment and total acceptance can really eradicate it. But our time now proves this to be a difficult feat because of our current situation where we are bombarded with so much new trends, hypes, high standards of living and progressive living. These things coupled with our economic instability only worsens things. We do love misery and we do feed in each others miseries like hungry vultures out to hunt for carcasses in the field we call life. So as this essay ends, this is one reality I have to face. That after reading this, one can't help but to judge the writer of this article.

Miyerkules, Abril 25, 2012

let me be the one, poem

Let Me be the One

as the dawn comes,
as the sun graces out to shed light on your face,
let me be the one to hold you,
to caress your face as light streams in.
i will always be here to sing you praises,
to turn every moment into a perfect melody.
i may not have the voice to even hum you a simple tune,
but i'll make sure each note rattles my devotion for you,
clear and sincere and pure as the lyrics to our perfect song...                                                                      

as the sun sets in,
and darkness befalls our world,
let me be the one to say how much i love thee.
to tuck you in bed and sing you a lullaby,
to wake you up when nightmares come.
let me be the one to be there when you're down,
the one to talk to and cry with.
i'll always be here to behold and protect you.

you can count on me to make light of things,
stand by you and be your solid rock,
mend what was broken and right all that is wrong.
as our song takes its flight,
bringing unending melodies and rhymes.
let me be the one to lift your spirits,
guide you through every note, good nor bad.
for as the music sheets change hands and fade,
as time flies and seasons change,
i'll always be the one to say 'i love you'.