Linggo, Hulyo 22, 2012

Social Networkings

      Facebook, Twitter, BBM, PR, Tagged, these are just some of the more famous social networks there are at the moment and there are still more than you can count with your fingers, hands and feet, out there. Before we only had a few of them including Friendster, which we all know had already been reformatted and somehow faced out. Now everybody who's anybody and even the nobody's in our society have if not one, several accounts in different social networks there is. Having one has become a trend, a norm and clearly a part of our lives. So if somebody tells you they don't have one, that person is more likely lying to your face.
      There are all sorts of social networks out there. You name it, it's there. Sites for girls, boys, gays, bisexuals, Filipinas looking for their free ticket to the land of milk and honey, for cyber sex and all sorts of stuff. Sites to suit your needs and specific preferences. Now our society has been run by these social networks. Messaging made easy and correspondence made interesting and fast. Our lives now are simply reliant on the internet and our world revolves around our phones and computers. We are always on the lookout for WiFi hot zones for free access to check on updates and new trending topics.
      What is it about social networks that we just can't get enough of it? People now have the knack for posting everything; from what they ate, to what they just did, to what they're feeling and thinking at the moment and have pictures to go with them. Even their hopes, dreams and frustrations and downsides in life get their fair share in the limelight. The more tragic the experience, the more likes and comments you get. Happy moments do get to be in the limelight as well. Achievements, blessings, new found friendships, unforgettable memories, are just some of those you get to see from time to time on your wall. How true, one would  just have to guess. For some it's their time to shine. To let it be known what they had become and who they are now. Their chance to boast what they have and what they can afford to do. It becomes an avenue for some to somehow show others how successful they are and how far they've gone in life. Which isn't so cool if you  look at it especially if you find yourself at the receiving end of the 'my horse is bigger than your horse', tug of war. I do despise people who boast just about anything. Even the sordid stuff they still have the nerve to post just so to garner notice even for the wrong reasons. Take note, it doesn't mean that when people give you likes is that they're really happy for you. Some are just there to mock you and kind of tell  you what a pig head you are. Is there really a need to tell people anything current in your life that you yourself don't even know would interest them?
       For some, it becomes an outlet for pent up emotions and functions as their avenue for self expression. Some take to art, some take it out on writing. Others are too vocal even form their own good. We do have our own ways in coping with life and all the stress it brings. Social networks have many uses to us like stress reliever, as a hobby, for self expression and exploration, faster more in-depth communication, finding old friends and meeting new ones. But let's not forget the main, most crucial reason why people engage in social networks. To find love or for some, the fast food version of love which is a one night stand. People who don't go out so much or just find it so hard to find the perfect person do resort to social networks for help. Dating sites and cyber dens are what you're looking for when you're in it to find love or in it for sex. People like myself who don't go out so much and don't party that hard or are just so busy to go out and do the manual labor of dating find it so hard to meet people that would suit us or would find time to appreciate us or better, love us.
       Social networks have provided us with avenues to meet people without actually going out or interacting with them in person first. Thus, giving us a chance to somehow test the waters and screen possible mates even before going out on a first date. Both parties are given the chance to gauge the other, assess the situation and then weigh for compatibility. Social networks also have given us the power to have choices. The chance to meet people we don't travel the same circles with. Casting us a wider net for the ability to reel in more options for potential partners. And let's face it that it's a lot easier to interact with others on the net. Hell, you can converse with socialites and famous people without being starstruck or down right nervous. You could follow them, chat with them and tweet them relentlessly for as often as you want. The awkwardness that happens when you're face to face with them vanishes and with the constant contact, you develop a sense of rapport and familiarity that would erase future qualms, hesitation, insecurities, and  anxieties when you finally meet.
       For some, it aids them in becoming who they've longed for to be. Because they can now pretend and just be whoever they want to be. Lies, lies, and more lies. People do go at it at great lengths. They fabricate, create alter egos, perfect beings just to ensnare others to fall for them. Even attaching photos apparently not theirs. Insecurities can actually push people to do such things. Which on the long run wouldn't help them at all but just dig deeper the hurt that would come with the realization of the lie. Key is to be yourself  at all times and that pretentions would just end up being your own foes in the late. Always bear in mind that someone somewhere would be interested in what you have to offer. The less lies you conjure, the less the other person would find in his heart to forgive. Secondly, is to never expect a lot. Lowering ones expectations wouldn't hurt, it would be your best weapon for acceptance. For those whose aims are to only look for one night stands, don't believe all the pictures you see or the things that are said. It would be wise to live by this code, 'to see is to believe', because most of them maybe false. Who in their right mind would post a bad picture that reveals their true self. Makes perfect sense, right? Nowadays with the advent of photoshop and air brushing, everything is possible. If you get lucky like some of us do, well good for them. But not all people get their happy endings thru the net. And with the new age coming, one can't be too careful with their dealings on the net. Current news would tell you of the dangers in immersing oneself  with the net. Dangers, brought about by social networks you wouldn't even think would bring you harm. News of murder, robbery, rape, and swindling tops the bill.  Who would ever think that these things might stem from our favorite social dens. Extra care and precaution should be taken especially when meeting people from the net. Not to scare you or anything but with all that is happening now, one can't be too sure. Better yet consider this as a warning or a dose of awareness, that even before you click on anything, be cautious and think of the possibilities of where it might lead. Because a single click can spawn a deadly net around you. Crimes are not the only ones that arise from this. Widespread HIV/AIDS infliction is also one of those news you just can't ignore. People you meet on the net especially sexually active ones can pose a danger to you since they don't really have big flashcards posted on their foreheads saying aids free. So thing is, you wouldn't really know not until it's all too late. People like them whose only purpose is to find  a one time release can cause you a lifetime of pain or even the end of it. So beware what you get yourself into and always think twice before saying yes to anybody no matter how hot or sexy they maybe. And it doesn't hurt if you stay protected if you really just can't help yourself from saying yes. But still, abstinence is the best way to go about it.
       Social networks have, yes been a part of our lives in general. Apart from the fact that it has helped us to stay connected and updated with our loved ones, even more than we ought to want. It gives us a chance to explore and learn new things by just simply entering our email addresses and pass codes. Simply by clicking a few keys could open a whole new world  in front of us. It's a cure for the socially oppressed and the introverted. That even them can now find friends who could help or maybe share the some company having been in same situations or having the same say about life and everything around them. A chance to boast and to mock others. To meet our future and savor our pasts. To rekindle moments and start anew. But for everything that we do or post or tweet, there is the need to own up and be responsible for whatever  it is we do social networking for. And it wouldn't hurt if we take every necessary precaution and special care in our dealings with the net. Yes, it can be advantageous to us but it can also bring us harm and confusion if we lose focus. So be yourself. Follow me. Enjoy all the perks that the networks bring. Be safe. Let's live, thrive, add and like.