Martes, Agosto 21, 2012

What I Really think of Noynoying

       And the Presidency goes to... none other than Noynoy Aquino. It's been more than two years now since he won the slot for president and still hasn't won my heart. To tell you frankly, I never really liked him at all. From all the the presidentiables back then he was my least favorite to think I never fancied Erap, being ineffective and corrupt during his short reign as our leader. But still I would've voted for him over Noynoy. Not that I hate him or anything but he just gets into my nerves and he's just weak. That without the pristine memories of his dad and mom, who were great heroes of our time and his super famous sister Kris, I don't think he would even matter. He's so lack luster he would easily fade in any back draft there is. I've always said that he has yet to develop a supremely sturdy backbone. Which he should've inherited from his parents. During his campaign he fed on the popularity of his kin to get ahead. The theme of his campaign ads were always about mom and dad. So all I can say is he played his cards well. Actually the looming death and eventually her demise had catapulted him to the limelight earning him a spot to the presidency. Sad to say but he took advantage of the country's loss for his political gain. While the country grieves, he together with some influential people brought to motion his plans to run.
       I honestly believe that he didn't deserve to win. He once said he had no immediate ambitions to run for the two highest political post in our country which I find full of crap. I honestly thought he was considering the senate. But no he has proven himself to be over ambitious. Like a hungry vulture just waiting for the right opportunity to go for the kill. He was then tapped to run along side Roxas as his VP and when Cory died he swiftly emerged as the lead of the LP show. Not that Roxas had the fighting chance for a clean sweep. Their party thought Roxas was not as competitive as the other Presidentiables and most likely could not deliver them victory. So when the oppotunity presented itself, by the death of the 'mother of democracy', they grabbed it by the neck and proposed to exploit and use it to their advantage. They cooked up a new plot  and had Noynoy run for president. The death of Cory and the heroism of Ninoy as the main ingredient. Our sense of loss was exploited to spark emotions and capture the interest of the public, thus creating a sense of vulnerability where people can relate more, influencing people to side with them and vote for the son of two magnanimous heroes. Bottomline, they used our grief to gain them sympathy votes. All of these coupled with the people's thirst for change and deliverance from our current government had pushed people to vote for him without even considering that he's a far cry from who his parents are. I've come to know him as 'tulo-laway', parang autistic, and vindictive president. The president who didn't do anything to help and intervene in the hostage drama that cost so many lives. Not only that but it tarnished the reputation of our country.  What bothers me most were the rumors that while all of these was happening , he was in his room playing video games, so I've heard. How chivalrous can you get? The person whose only aim is to make people pay for their trespasses. On top of his list is CGMA and her allies. His priorities are so muddied  with vendetta that he has lost sight of the more important problems and concerns our country is facing. Vengeance is not ours, it's God's.             
       The second on his list would have to be his being linked to beautiful women in showbiz and fashion. I have to applaud Shalani for leaving him. She deserved better and she got that. For that I'm really happy for her. Going back to Noynoy, as we all know, he had been dubbed Pnoy (which is short for President Noynoy). I was aghast by it. He doesn't deserve the accolade of the name which is quite similar to what we fondly call ourselves (pinoy). He only deserves what a lot of Pinoys started calling him which is Noynoying. That I certainly can approve. SONAs given by him don't really interest me that much. It's just a well concocted speech full of promises, false hopes, and  a flare of vindictive edge. He proposes that more taxes can make everything okay. How lame is that. My comment to that is no amount of tax collection can ever save us from the grasps of corruption. Corruption is the root of all evil and the added tax would only cause the underprivileged more pains. And his overall look doesn't help him at all. It doesn't say president at all. Looking dignified isn't his forte. His lack of bravado and confidence greatly affects his bearing and carriage so the air of authority is lost. Making him look weak and inadequate. Maybe constantly asking himself , 'what am I doing here?', with a big question mark on his forehead. My prescription: Grow and develop a sturdy backbone to last him the rest of his term. Now basking in the glory he didn't in the slightest deserved, he literally is responsible of our country among others.
       It's actually a dreadful and relentful idea to rely on the a person who doesn't really have any idea what he's doing for the most part and who is highly pliable and dependent on others to make decisions for him. This thing I assure you, he's never going to win a reelection or any other post whatsoever if he chooses to run yet again. People have learned so much by the few years that he's in the seat of power. They know better now than to vote for an inferior boy with a famous kin.
       With all that had been said. I still, along with others, am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, people do change as my friend so frequently implies. All he has to do is prove me wrong and prove himself worthy of the trust bestowed unto him by the people. There is still time to do something of his current situation and show us that he in fact deserves to be where he is now. More power Noynoying...