Miyerkules, Abril 25, 2012

let me be the one, poem

Let Me be the One

as the dawn comes,
as the sun graces out to shed light on your face,
let me be the one to hold you,
to caress your face as light streams in.
i will always be here to sing you praises,
to turn every moment into a perfect melody.
i may not have the voice to even hum you a simple tune,
but i'll make sure each note rattles my devotion for you,
clear and sincere and pure as the lyrics to our perfect song...                                                                      

as the sun sets in,
and darkness befalls our world,
let me be the one to say how much i love thee.
to tuck you in bed and sing you a lullaby,
to wake you up when nightmares come.
let me be the one to be there when you're down,
the one to talk to and cry with.
i'll always be here to behold and protect you.

you can count on me to make light of things,
stand by you and be your solid rock,
mend what was broken and right all that is wrong.
as our song takes its flight,
bringing unending melodies and rhymes.
let me be the one to lift your spirits,
guide you through every note, good nor bad.
for as the music sheets change hands and fade,
as time flies and seasons change,
i'll always be the one to say 'i love you'.