Linggo, Nobyembre 23, 2014

About Me

I'm often perceived as snobbish and snooty.
Kids love me. I don't know why. Often times I do think maybe I look like a clown.
I might smile at you and then frown once you turn your back.
I'm highly appreciative. A piece of candy can generate heartfelt thanks.
Sometimes judgmental depending on the person. If you're nice then we're good but if nasty then all sorts of    judgement will be passed.
I'm nice to decently, nice people and otherwise if not.
I often have evil thoughts. Having them have become a perfect pastime for me.
I love to read books and can finish one in a day depending on how much I like it.
I'm an expert in holding grudges. I might not express it all the time but I'm not the kind that forgets.
A person who you don't want to be in a pickle with. Mainly because when I get mad I explode.
Very selective when it comes to people I talk to and choose to be friends with. And those I hang out with.
Antagonistic in nature. I'll surely fight for something I know is right against all odds regardless who I'm dealing with.
It's in my nature to be nice somehow. So when I forget who I'm portraying, which is supposed to be a bitch, I tend to be nice to almost everybody. Even the 'unlikeables'.
I'm a trove of conflicting ideas that I sometimes confuse myself.
Hate people who divulge other people's secrets. It's not theirs to tell in the first place.
I unfriend people on a daily basis. Just add them and unfriend later. Feels nice to do that.
I'm quite honest if asked for my opinion but wouldn't voice it out if unsolicited.
I find it amusing to be nice to those I don't like. It's like stabbing them on the back every time.
Hypocrisy fascinates me.
Sometimes I revert to it to be civil with people that don't amuse me.
I'm very transparent so just look for clues and you'll be enlightened.
I've changed so much. I'm a far cry of my old self.
When you see me frowning, I'm definitely thinking about something.
If caught smizing and grimacing, I'm definitely concocting a rather superfluous evil thought.
I'm more afraid of the living than the supernatural. 
I've been left out, cheated on, duped and swindled by people I chose to be close to.
Some people say I have such a sweet smile and that makes me smile more.
I don't trust so easily.
I find it easier to hate than to love.
I'm writing this as the thoughts come to me. And it has come to my attention that most of them are positively negative (chuckles)...
... still thinking at present of what else to write in here.
And I'm writing this to have a sense of release. Not for anything else.